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Ready to List? Start Here!

So you’ve taken the mental leap and decided that it’s time to sell your house. Everyone in this position is looking for the answer to this question, “What now?” Well now it’s time to take the physical steps forward! I’m going to do you a favor and walk you through MY 5 steps on exact process to list your house!


Give your favorite agent a call!

When you call, we’ll set up a time for me to come over to your house for a pre-listing appointment!


The Pre-Listing Appointment

At this appointment, we will both share some information with each other. Here’s what you’ll tell me:

  • What your goals are for selling the house.
  • How quickly you need the home sold.
  • Any unique things about your home – good or bad.
  • If you’ll be buying a home
  • If you are buying, where you’ll be looking, price range, and features.

Now that I know more about you and your ideas, here is what you’ll see from me:

  • We’ll do a walk-through so I know your home.
  • During the walk-through, I’ll give you an idea of beneficial things you could do to your home before we list, if any.
  • I’ll explain to you the benefits of listing with me and the strategies I use for selling quickly whilst bringing you the highest value possible.
  • I’ll explain to you what you’ll need to do before the “Listing Appointment.”


My Due Diligence


The Listing Appointment

  • The Listing Agreement
  • The Disclosures
  • The Property Information Sheet


Getting Your Home Listed

I’ll take all of the paperwork home with me and get your house listed according to the strategy that we put in place! All that will be left is for you to keep your house ready for showings and any needed Open Houses, to get the sign in the yard and help you buy a new home (if that’s the goal).

There ya go! Your house is on the market in 5 easy steps and all of the questions you had in your mind on how to get there are solved. That being said, a lot of work was done in the background to make it happen! Because you want your house sold quickly and at a good price, you’ll want competent, thorough service that markets for you properly. In this business, you get what you pay for!! A good agent will be able to get you a better price, so be careful of falling for the discount agencies and “For Sale By Owner” as you are likely to take home a smaller check even though you paid less in commissions.

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